Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation provides one of the most complete thermal envelopes possible on a commercial building project. This is rapidly becoming a very popular insulation system for our region of the country.

PML Construction, Inc. is excited to announce that we are now providing self-performed closed cell spray foam insulation systems on our projects. We are offering this scope to our customers, as an addition to our already large work portfolio.

In recent years many of our customers came to us and requested we get into this market. There was a definite need for the spray foam insulation to be done under our work scope. PML already performs many of the associated and adjacent tasks: Exterior Framing, Sheathing, Thermal Batt Insulation, Poly Vapor Barrier and Exterior Weather Barriers.

PML will provide Spray Foam with our own highly trained applicators and supervision staff. Rather than hiring a separate subcontractor, that will require separate mobilization, separate equipment, separate supervision staffing, we are able to hit the ground running. By the time we show up on to site with our self-contained spray rig, we have been on site performing the framing, sheathing and exterior enclosure. We have developed a knowledge of how things need go on the project site.

The Learning Curve is over for our company. The education process does not need to start over for a new contractor on site.

We have invested in brand new state of the art equipment. Also, we have partnered with BASF, an industry leader in commercial spray foam insulation, to make sure our field / office / supervision staff is trained in spray foam insulation.

As always PML Construction will be ready to perform on your jobsite. We will make sure we have production in mind and move your project forward.

Make sure to keep PML in mind for your next commercial spray foam insulation product, and feel free to contact us for an estimate.